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Seattle Cycle Center

AX-9 LCD Insert

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Price: $149.99
Item Number: AX-9
Manufacturer: AlphaMicron
-Patented liquid crystal technology
-Automatic and manual mode
-Fail-Safe mechanism
-Superior anti-fog coating
-USB rechargeable lithium battery
-Easy no-tool installation

What is E-Tint?
E-Tint® technology uses a guest-host mixture consisting of "guest" dichroic dyes (developed and synthesized by AlphaMicron) in a liquid crystal "host". Certain dyes will allow a change in either the absorbance, color, or both. This mixture is sandwiched between two curved flexible plastic substrates coated with transparent electrodes. By applying voltage to the substrates, the electro-optic response of the liquid crystal is used to control the transmissivity and the color of the device. the voltage can be applied manually with a touch of a button or automatically with a touch of a button or automatically through a sensor, providing instantaneous control over the tint of the eyewear.

The visor insert provides the highest commercial anti-fog protection. Enhanced by the thermal quality of the double lens, the optical film provides exceptional clarity in cold climate conditions without the need for additional anti-fog layer films.

The AX-9 Visor insert installs into your faceshield easily with no tools. Two vinyl installation templates are included with the product so you may correctly position and center the insert on your faceshield. The insert is constructed with a double-sided adhesive foam gasket and once mounted it is intended to be permanent.

Electronic Driver
Liquid crystals are capacitive systems and consume low power for operation. AlphaMicron's custom electronic driver is powered by a rechargeable battery and is designed to apply low voltage to the lens substrates for instantaneous tint. This state of the art device offers the rider manual and hands-free automatic control. Although programmed with a standard light threshold, the AX-9 includes the option to program custom settings so the tint may automatically and instantly change in any desired light condition. A micro USB cable connects the driver to a laptop or an external charger to recharge the high-capacity lithium polymer battery for continuous hours of operation.

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